Jerana has a highly experienced and technically skilled team with more than 50 years industry experience. We can deliver genuine productivity benefits to your construction project.

In addition to our core team, we have access to a large network of industry professionals, allowing Jerana to flexibly add partners as required for larger projects.

Click on the profiles below for more information about our key team members:

Djana O'Brien CPPM, MAIPM


Djana loves working with clients due to
her strengths in communication and
stakeholder engagement. She has a
passion for quality control and ensuring
all the square pegs go into the square
holes, or what she calls “integration

Djana enjoys planning and engaging
with a diverse range of people and has
been successful working on projects
involving continuously changing
operational environments, successfully
delivering clients value for money.

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Gerry Lo Faro CPPM, MAIPM

Project Manager

Gerry has more than 25 years
experience in the construction industry,
with a strong background in
construction planning, quality control
and risk management.
Gerry’s strengths include his vast
knowledge of specications, standards
and legislative requirements for design,
planning and contract management. He
has led multiple, simultaneous project
work fronts and up to 16 teams of
various sizes to completion on
billion-dollar projects.

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Mark Holzworth

Communications and ITS Surveillance Officer

Mark is an experienced service and
installation manager and has technical
sales and consultancy knowledge
relating to communications, closed
circuit TV, ITS and security systems.
Mark loves providing clients and
stakeholders with alternative solutions
to problems, using his knowledge and
leadership skills to motivate and lead
teams. He is able to identify design
eciencies and information gaps,
saving time spent sourcing
documentation as well as preventing
additional rework costs due to
inaccurate information.

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Peter Coombs

Electrical and ITS Surveillance Officer

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